Funding opportunities

International Students' Scholarship Program

These scholarships are for incoming international students who are not yet in France: 1-year stipend for M1 (first-year MA) and M2 (second-year MA) students (8000 euros / year); a second year of funding may be possible for M1 students who are admitted to the M2 level; M2 students will be encouraged to apply for a 3-year PhD grant at Université de Paris.

In order to qualify for these grants, you must follow the steps described on the Applying page.

Application deadline: February 1st CLOSED

Another round of international MA scholarships will be launched on March 15th and with a deadline of April 16th.

Check back here in mid-March for the link to the application portal.

In the meantime, see the important information on the Applying page, as there is a March 5th deadline that applies to students from some countries.

Alternative funding opportunities

Additional funding opportunities

A PGSL call for additional research internship grants (3000 euros/year) will be open in October for all registered MA students.