Funding opportunities

International MA Scholarship Program

These scholarships are for incoming international students who are not yet in France: 1-year stipend for M1 (first-year MA) and M2 (second-year MA) students (8000 euros / year); a second year of funding may be possible for M1 students who are admitted to the M2 level; M2 students will be encouraged to apply for a 3-year PhD grant at Université Paris Cité. The scholarships are reserved for University de Paris MA programs.

The application portal will be open for Fall 2023 applications in December 2022.

Alternative funding opportunities

Additional funding opportunities

PGSL MA thesis prize

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2022 PGSL MA thesis prize.

The prize is open to all final-year MA students in PGSL-affiliated MA programs. The directors of each MA program provide a short-list, and the final selection is made by an international jury.

Congratulations to our 2022 winners:

A PGSL/Labex call for additional research internship grants (3000 euros/year) will be open in October for all registered 2d year MA students.

PGSL students may apply for an Erasmus grant to spend a semester at one of Circle U's Universities (Aarhus, Oslo, Louvain, King’s College London, Belgrade, Pisa, Vienna).

Circle U students may apply to a Erasmus Mundus grant to come for a semester at PGSL's Université Paris Cité.