East Asian linguistics and applied linguistics (LAOFLE)

The Linguistics Department of the University of Paris has been offering a course in applied linguistics for 35 years, with the aim of training specialists in the fields of French as a foreign language: teaching, research, teacher training, pedagogical management.

Thanks to a partnership with the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations (LCAO), the LAOFLE Master's program is unique in France and is designed for specialists in East Asian languages (Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese) who wish to qualify to teach French as a foreign language in this area.

In addition to training in research in the field of foreign language teaching and the acquisition of L2, the Master of Applied Linguistics offers a professional path with varied opportunities and meets the growing needs of civil society and the demand for French language abroad.

For French presentation

The Master of Language Sciences, East Asian Linguistics and Applied Linguistics aims to train professionals in French language teaching at an expert level, and, from the first year (M1), French teachers who master their environment. Trained jointly at the Dpt of Linguistics and the Dpt LCAO, the students continue to improve in the language of their choice while acquiring the skills necessary for the professions related to French teaching, for the audiences they target.

The professions for which the Master's degree prepares are diverse, in the field of foreign language teaching: teaching; course management; design of face-to-face, hybrid or online training programs; teacher training; publishing of teaching materials and content, etc. The training provided aims to enable graduates to evolve throughout their career between these different professions or in terms of taking on responsibility, thanks to the theoretical contents and methodologies underlying the practical tools. Training in computer technologies for teaching is reinforced. Particular attention is paid to knowledge of the professional environment and the geolinguistic area targeted by the student.

  1. Linguistics and Foreign Languages didactics:
    • Ability to describe and understand how languages work, allowing the selection and presentation of content to be taught.
    • theoretical and methodological knowledge in the didactics of foreign languages
    • knowledge of the various audiences, particularly East Asian audiences, and their targeted needs
  2. Didactics of French as a foreign language (FLE)
    • knowledge of language teaching methodologies
    • ability to develop teaching materials for the language classroom, including the use of ICTs
    • « professional track »: ability to develop and administer curricula, to train teachers, to conduct projects independently
    • « research track »: ability to conduct original and well-equipped research in the field of foreign language acquisition and teaching.
  3. Transversal skills
    • thanks to a multi-domain training and the implementation of a professional project in autonomy from the second year of the Master's degree, ability to evolve throughout the professional career in the various professions related to FLE, in France and abroad (particularly in East Asia).

The LAOFLE Master's degree combines courses in applied linguistics and foreign language didactics, given at the Dpt of Linguistics, with courses in oriental languages and civilization given at the Dpt of East Asian Languages and Cultures (LCAO). This double training ensures that the graduates have a background that goes beyond mere technical skills, making them capable of evolving in their professional practices throughout their career, and specifically in East Asia or for East Asian language speakers.

A large space is reserved for internships in the first and second years, with the possibility of doing internships abroad within the framework of inter-university agreements.

The courses are in part common to the various courses, but each course provides specific skills related to the targeted professions or area of practice. Professional conferences involve professionals from a wide range of FLE professions.

Target audience

Students interested in the professional activities linked to the teaching of French as a foreign a language (FLE, FOS…), in France and abroad (specifically in East Asia).

Required qualifications
  • 3 years Bachelor’s degree in " LLCER " Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese, option FLE (University of Paris)
  • 3 years Bachelor’s degree in Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese Language and Culture in another university
Admission requirements

The admission application file contains, in particular, proof of the access credentials, a CV and a cover letter specifying the professional or research project, depending on the choice of track (research or professional). For students who do not hold a French diploma, admission is conditional on the attestation of a minimum level C1 in French language.

For access to the first year of the Master’s programme, students who have not completed a "FLE" course in Bachelor's degree are encouraged to mention any previous experience in teaching French as a foreign language.

For access to the second year of the Master’s programme, the indication of the chosen track is mandatory and selection is based on either the research project statement (research track) or the professional project statement (professional track).

  • the quality of the research project for the " research " purpose;
  • the relevance of the professional project for the "professional" purpose.

Research track : Continuation into a Ph. D program, at the Doctoral School of Language Sciences (University of Paris) or elsewhere in France or abroad.