PGSL offers a unique combination of perspectives for the study of language and is affiliated with 15 cutting-edge research groups. Research groups are usually based on university campuses, and are staffed by both university faculty and full-time research staff. The research groups affiliated with PGSL work in a wide range of areas, including computational linguistics, theoretical linguistics, sociolinguistics and experimental linguistics (including access to state-of-the-art equipment such as EEG and eye-tracking, two phonetics labs, and a ‘baby lab’ for research on newborns and infants). Together, their members work on more than 100 languages, including endangered languages based on fieldwork.

PGSL Ethics Committee

Manager: Doriane Gras

Students whose research project includes experimentation can request an evaluation from the PGSL Ethics committee. To do so, you must fill out the form in French or in English and send it by email to the address on the form. Models of the information letter and consent forms (participation and recording) are provided. You can use them, but must adapt them to each protocol; they must be written in such a way that the content is transparent.

You must submit the request before starting the experiments, as the committee does not give an opinion on experiments that have already been carried out. You may be asked to make changes to your project.

Please note that this committee is reserved for research by PGSL master's students and does not provide a number (IRB or other) allowing publication. If you need one, contact a CER (such as the one for University Paris Cité.

PGSL builds on the research opportunities of the EFL Labex and is affiliated with the following research units:

  • Logo CEPED
    Centre Population et Développement (CEPED)
  • Logo CERLIS
    Centre de recherches sur les liens sociaux (CERLIS)
  • Logo CERMI
    Centre d’études et de recherches sur le monde iranien (CERMI)
    Centre de Linguistique Inter-langues, de Lexicologie, de Linguistique Anglaise et de Corpus-Atelier de Recherche sur la Parole (CLILLAC-ARP)
    Langage, systèmes, discours (CLESTHIA)
  • Centre de recherches sur les langues d’Asie Orientale (CRLAO)
  • Éducation, discours et apprentissages (EDA)
  • Logo HTL
    Histoire des théories linguistiques (HTL)
  • Logo INCC
    Integrative Neuroscience & Cognition Center (INCC)
  • Logo LACITO
    Langues et civilisations à tradition orale (LACITO)
  • Logo LATTICE
    Langues, Textes, Traitements informatiques, Cognition (LATTICE)
  • Logo LLACAN
    Langage, Langues et Cultures d’Afrique (LLACAN)
  • Logo LLF
    Laboratoire de linguistique formelle (LLF)
  • Logo LPP
    Laboratoire de phonétique et de phonologie (LPP)
  • Logo SEDYL
    Structures et dynamiques des langues (SEDYL)